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Image by Polina Rytova

RM of Saskatchewan Landing No. 167

Barley Fields

Employment Opportunity

11-22-2023  Equipment

SSA Stewart Valley Residents

A paper copy of the attached Emergency Notification Preferences  Survey is included in your water bills but you may also fill out the form through the link below.  The information will be used to get ahold of all residents efficiently in the event of a water emergency.  Thank you in advance!

SSA Emergency Notification Preferences Survey.png




Tractor Wheels

Building and Demolition Permit

Important Information

The RM of Sask Landing Building requires a Building permit for all construction, addition, erection, placement, alteration, repair, renovation, demolition, relocation, removal, use, occupancy or change of occupancy of a building.  All permits must be approved by the Building Official and the landowner is responsible for all the costs .   The "RM - Building Permit" pictured below can be found by clicking the Forms button;                                          

RM - Building Permit_Page_1.jpg


RM - Building Permit_Page_2.jpg



FIRE BAN removed August 23, 2023

Administrator 306-778-2105

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